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Here is our archive of results over the years. As we can, we may add more results. Feel free to check back from time to time.

  • Klondike Rush 2017 Results

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  • Klondike Rush 2016 Results

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  • Klondike Rush 2015 Results

    Klondike Rush 2015 Womens 5K

    NameHometownBib #TOTAL TimePlaceOverallCategory
    Fiona BessingerKailua85635:401Females 12 and Under
    Sarah ClasonBuffalo92038:522Females 12 and Under
    Evelyn WagesBuffalo92447:443Females 12 and Under
    Chloe RickettSheridan92854:134Females 12 and Under
    Janika SweeneySheridan91421:3511Females 13-19
    Tristyn ThompsonBuffalo91635:512Females 13-19
    Cushlee CunninghamBuffalo86739:373Females 13-19
    Abbie SmithTorrington90056:264Females 13-19
    Tasha KayBuffalo87922:4713Females 20-29
    Tyna StaeblerBuffalo90522:592Females 20-29
    Jana SteinerPittsburg91039:583Females 20-29
    Allison StockdaleBuffalo93252:204Females 20-29
    Emily SmithTorrington89956:265Females 20-29
    Sandy MoonBuffalo94122:3112Females 30-39
    Becky ByramBuffalo86224:332Females 30-39
    Marcie LaneBuffalo88240:003Females 30-39
    Lidia KelleyGillette88041:324Females 30-39
    Kassahn MathsonBuffalo92948:045Females 30-39
    Kira WagesBuffalo92248:066Females 30-39
    Kaira BeachBuffalo85230:121Females 40-49
    Mindy ClasonBuffalo91932:092Females 40-49
    Ruth BessingerKailua85433:383Females 40-49
    Mary CampagnaGillette93735:134Females 40-49
    Stacy SmithTorrington89836:425Females 40-49
    Sandy SmithCheyenne90243:396Females 40-49
    Amy SteinerPittsburg90747:387Females 40-49
    Schelia SchirmerBuffalo89652:218Females 40-49
    Jacqueline LoyningBuffalo88752:239Females 40-49
    Jill CooleyBuffalo86452:3910Females 40-49
    Kelly McBride-RickettSheridan92754:5811Females 40-49
    Michelle CovertPreston92556:2812Females 40-49
    Christine NeaderhiserSumter89431:071Females 50-59
    Anita LarnerSheridan88435:172Females 50-59
    Denise LubkenGillette88935:273Females 50-59
    Jennie DurfeeBuffalo86842:284Females 50-59
    Diana BorgialliBuffalo85846:105Females 50-59
    Kalei LoveBuffalo88546:106Females 50-59
    Sally BlanfordBuffalo85730:241Females 60 and Over
    Joan GampetroBuffalo87331:352Females 60 and Over
    Cristy KinghornBuffalo93833:363Females 60 and Over
    Kricynda AustinBuffalo93151:191No Age Specified
    Michelle AustinBuffalo93051:362No Age Specified

    Klondike Rush 2015 Mens 5K

    NameHometownBib #TOTAL TimePlaceOverallCategory
    Gavin SweeneySheridan91218:291Males 12 and Under
    Andy WagesBuffalo92128:342Males 12 and Under
    Kollen MilmineBuffalo89230:263Males 12 and Under
    Max KesslerBuffalo88130:334Males 12 and Under
    Connor SmithCheyenne90338:375Males 12 and Under
    Justyce LucasSheridan89039:416Males 12 and Under
    Jesse SmithCheyenne90443:397Males 12 and Under
    Daphne LaVigneBuffalo94247:448Males 12 and Under
    Austing LoyningBuffalo88851:369Males 12 and Under
    JT VreswykSheridan93517:4011Males 13-19
    Michael BrownFirestone86017:4122Males 13-19
    Jack HoltBuffalo87717:4233Males 13-19
    Kael SweeneySheridan91117:464Males 13-19
    Jacob SteinerPittsburg90821:205Males 13-19
    Gabe SweeneySheridan91321:236Males 13-19
    Callum BessingerKailua85524:517Males 13-19
    Soren CooleyBuffalo86329:188Males 13-19
    Jared SteinerPittsburg90947:369Males 13-19
    Brice AustinKaycee1321:07:4210Males 13-19
    Jeff WilliamsBuffalo91734:391Males 20-29
    Clay BankaPittsburg85139:592Males 20-29
    Shane BrownFirestone85918:251Males 40-49
    Falk AlickeSheridan91521:352Males 40-49
    Todd BessingerKailua85324:533Males 40-49
    Von SteinerPittsburg90625:224Males 40-49
    Russell WineFirestone91825:375Males 40-49
    Logan GreeningFirestone87426:096Males 40-49
    Neil NeaderhiserSumter89328:217Males 40-49
    Chris WagesBuffalo92328:428Males 40-49
    Dorran LarnerSheridan88331:329Males 40-49
    Patrick SmithCheyenne90148:3910Males 40-49
    Sean SmithTorrington89756:2511Males 40-49
    Dick McDonaldGreybull93420:501Males 50-59
    Steve EspondaBuffalo86927:182Males 50-59
    Dan LubkenGillette85024:581Males 60 and Over
    Frank PrattBuffalo89529:402Males 60 and Over
    Scott McBrideBuffalo89141:263Males 60 and Over
    Michael Beresford93644:104Males 60 and Over
    Bob LoveBuffalo88646:105Males 60 and Over
    Bob McBrideSheridan92649:096Males 60 and Over
    LATEBuffalo94331:251No Age Specified

    Klondike Rush 2015 Womens 10K

    NameCityBib #TimePositionOverallCategory
    Christian CabralGillette1031:22:321Females 13-19
    Christina McIntoshBuffalo1140:53:4012Females 20-29
    McKenzie ElstromBuffalo1251:10:102Females 20-29
    Kari HansonBuffalo1310:50:5611Females 30-39
    Mercedes BitemanRanchester1010:58:342Females 30-39
    Anne MannBuffalo1281:01:033Females 30-39
    Jessica PetersBuffalo1201:03:464Females 30-39
    Carmen ChristianClearmont1041:00:321Females 40-49
    Audrey LudwigBuffalo1261:01:172Females 40-49
    Martha Cover-KillianBuffalo1271:02:593Females 40-49
    Tanya ConnorsBuffalo1061:06:594Females 40-49
    Brandie BeasleyBuffalo1211:17:295Females 40-49
    Lori LyleSheridan1330:55:451Females 50-59
    Kate HarnessBuffalo1291:03:242Females 50-59
    Linda SchwambSheridan9390:55:2213Females 60 and Over

    Klondike Rush 2015 Mens 10K

    NameCityBib #TimePositionOverallCategory
    Matt ScarlettBuffalo1230:37:3611Males 13-19
    Micah SweeneySheridan1170:38:1222Males 13-19
    Elliot ReynoldsBuffalo1160:51:401Males 20-29
    Jeff DaichBuffalo1071:11:262Males 20-29
    Bob McBrideBuffalo1130:42:1513Males 30-39
    Brian BodenBuffalo1020:45:192Males 30-39
    Mark LaneBuffalo1110:47:493Males 30-39
    Matt LaneBuffalo1100:52:564Males 30-39
    JD LoyningBuffalo1120:53:215Males 30-39
    Nick ThomBuffalo1180:53:246Males 30-39
    Rick MyersBuffalo1150:45:321Males 40-49
    Jason SzewcSheridan1340:48:242Males 40-49
    Mike ScarlettBuffalo1220:48:403Males 40-49
    Rob CodaBuffalo1050:53:574Males 40-49
    Jeff ElstromBuffalo1241:10:105Males 40-49
    Tom HoltBuffalo1090:45:391Males 50-59
    Scott HokansonKaycee9401:02:512Males 50-59
    Rich HallBuffalo1081:06:213Males 50-59
    David HarnessBuffalo1301:03:231Males 60 and Over
  • Klondike Rush 2013 Results

    Here are the 2013 results!

    Klondike Rush 2013 Womens 5K

    NameHometownBib #TOTAL timePlaceOverall
    12 and Under
    Fiona BessingerKailua, HI10940:24
    Sofia CovertPreston, ID11071:55
    Vivianne OstheimerBuffalo, WY11137:14
    Emma PatikBuffalo, WY11235:12
    Chloe RickettBuffalo, WY17971:55
    Sadie OmohundroBuffalo, WY17638:12
    Hallie SweeneySheridan, WY18729:023
    Kelli HolidayTen Sleep, WY19623:0612
    LJ HolidayTen Sleep, WY19728:252
    Haley ClarkElk Mountain, WY11332:42
    Koen GoreSheridan, WY11433:53
    Krisynda AustinKaycee, WY11551:31
    Josie AustinKaycee, WY11629:43
    Kaitlynn ArmstrongBuffalo, WY11733:25
    Abbie SmithTorrington, WY11871:35
    Jana SteinerOlathe, KS11940:55
    Tabitha SimmonsGillette, WY18020:2711
    Janilia SweeneySheridan, WY18523:3623
    Leah SweeneySheridan, WY18827:323
    Allison SchirmerKaycee, WY12053:33
    Alisha WaybrantKaycee, WY12153:33
    Liz KnapBuffalo, WY12232:24
    Fabiana SteenhoekBuffalo, WY12332:24
    Savannah TabbBuffalo, WY12431:11
    Tonya GoreSheridan. WY12533:55
    Taylor AshburnBuffalo, WY12631:09
    Sarah ReynoldsBuffalo, WY127DNP
    Ashley WoolworthBuffalo, WY12830:42
    Kelsey ArmstrongBuffalo, WY12934:27
    Emily SmithTorrington, WY13052:20
    Amanda WalterBuffalo, WY17328:573
    Alysa RabelBuffalo, WY17424:291
    Kayla JacobsonSheridan. WY18338:04
    Robin HarrietBuffalo, WY19049:15
    Amanda StocktonBuffalo, WY19949:15
    Desiree BritoBuffalo, WY30827:562
    Laura VaselinBuffalo, WY30934:24
    Jessica PetersBuffalo, WY13132:49
    Jolene BakerBanner, WY13239:16
    Jacqueline LoyningKaycee, WY13353:11
    Cassie ElchlingerSheridan, WY13432:05
    Laura RubyBuffalo, WY13536:25
    Alecia KozisekBuffalo, WY13634:00
    Rebecca ByramBuffalo, WY13726:101
    Katie FoustBuffalo, WY13833:18
    Lynette FoxBuffalo, WY13954:28
    Bylle Price14041:01
    Michelle CovertPreston, ID14171:55
    Gina GoodrichBuffalo, WY14227:232
    Sarah JonesBuffalo, WY17130:06
    Greta L. HansenbeggWatertown, MN17228:483
    Kelly McBrideBuffalo, WY17871:55
    Tesha KolbBuffalo, WY18238:04
    Amy VineyardArvada, WY19432:04
    Jenn TalichCody, WY19834:00
    Marella BurchMills, WY14331:393
    Ruth BessingerKailua, HI14440:29
    Shelia SchirmerKaycee, WY14552:11
    Crystal ClarkElk Mountain, WY14638:15
    Christine FiorellaBuffalo, WY147DNP
    Michelle DoddsSheridan, WY148DNP
    Nancy TabbBuffalo, WY14934:27
    Michelle AustinKaycee, WY15053:11
    Jodi CheeneyBuffalo, WY15145:43
    Stacy SmithTorrington, WY15252:20
    Sandy SmithCheyenne, WY15346:49
    Amy SteinerOlathe, KS15471:55
    Christy ZezasBuffalo, WY15531:41
    Jennifer WaughBuffalo, WY15636:16
    Michelle ChaneyBuffalo, WY168DNP
    Andrea SimondiBuffalo, WY16938:03
    Mary CampagnaGillette, Wy18135:42
    Melissa MartinClearmont, WY18530:142
    Stacy SweeneySheridan, WY18625:491
    Jan GibbsArvada, WY19247:38
    Cathy MinerHenderson, NV19347:38
    Michelle RoerigBuffalo, WY19534:21
    Denise LubkenGillette, WY15735:273
    Ginny DullBuffalo, WY15841:31
    Marcie ScarlettBuffalo, WY15926:491
    Ruth Ann AshburnBuffalo, WY16036:35
    Sue ReynoldsBuffalo, WY161DNP
    Jean SmithKingsport, TN16271:35
    Elizabeth RamseyBuffalo, WY16372:54
    Marj WuerkerBuffalo, WY16452:39
    Nikki LohseBuffalo, WY16552:22
    Judi MathesonBuffalo, WY16652:22
    Shannon BakerBuffalo, WY16739:16
    Joan GampetroBuffalo, WY17033:552
    Deb MillhouseBuffalo, WY184DNP
    Elissa OmohundroBuffalo, Wy17538:151
    Mary McBrideBuffalo, Wy17750:362

    Klondike Rush 2013 Womens 10K

    NameHometownBib #TOTAL timePlaceOverall
    12 and Under
    Caila BoothBuffalo, WY651:122
    Christina McIntoshBuffalo, WY755:433
    Sarah SjobergBuffalo, WY81:05:20
    Della LyleBuffalo, WY944:4611
    Marcia MahoskeyBuffalo, WY251:03:49
    Harper HallBuffalo, WY1058:00
    Sandy MoonBuffalo, WY1148:2923
    Sarah SpringDayton, WY1252:09
    Becky CotantBuffalo, WY1354:27
    Lori ZinkBuffalo, WY141:01:01
    Jen MahoskeyBuffalo, WY1555:23
    Barbara PatikBuffalo, WY1645:4512
    Casey EnglingBuffalo, WY2755:05
    Sarah FinkleBuffalo, WY2858:19
    Amanda MonterastelliBuffalo, WY291:03:49
    Jennifer DrakeBuffalo, WY3149:163
    Brandy BarnumBuffalo, WY331:09:14
    Lisa WagnerBuffalo, WY171:00:01
    Jessica KramerBuffalo, WY1855:503
    Tracey OstheimerBuffalo, WY2052:172
    Judi HolmesBuffalo, WY211:01:03
    Jill CooleyBuffalo, WY261:08:14
    Lori LyleBuffalo, WY3252:041
    Diane BoiceSheridan, WY221:03:562
    Pat PeckBuffalo, WY2359:201
    Marci McStayBuffalo, WY301:07:453
    Sally BlanfordBuffalo, WY241:07:581

    Klondike Rush 2013 Mens 5K

    NameHometownBib #Total TimePlaceOverall
    12 and Under
    Callum BessingerKailua, HI40834:17
    Cody Newport40940:10
    Kole Newport41038:40
    Chase Price41150:46
    Connor SmithCheyenne, WY41240:55
    Jesse SmithCheyenne, WY41346:49
    Isaac PatikBuffalo, WY41435:12
    Gavin PatikBuffalo, WY41535:50
    Quaid SimmonsGillette, wy45026:492
    Ethan RickettBuffalo, WY44530:27
    Gabe SweeneySheridan, WY45727:32
    Gavin SweeneySheridan, WY45522:401
    Caden MarquartSaratoga, WY/Buffalo, WY45834:35
    Nicholas TalichCody, WY46427:293
    Matt ScarlettBuffalo, WY41617:3111
    Brice AustinKaycee, WY41728:10
    Mark LargentKaycee, WY41827:59
    Jacob SteinerOlathe, KS41921:58
    Jared SteinerOlathe, KS42050:36
    Jack HoltBuffalo, WY42120:50
    Scott KillianBuffalo, WY44122:24
    Hyrum RubyBuffalo, WY44220:2033
    Jarrett SimmonsGillete, Wy44921:30
    Lukas NakfoorTorrington, Wy44830:56
    Kael SweeneySheridan, WY45622:02
    Kevin MeddersBuffalo, WY46119:1022
    Aaron SmithTorrington, WY42252:202
    Will HansenBeggWatertown, MN44323:561
    Travis MillhouseBuffalo, WY45369:46
    Adam MillhouseBuffalo, WY45469:463
    JD LoyningKaycee, WY42326:491
    Jon Price42471:55
    Matt CovertPreston, ID42571:55
    Chae BybeeSheridan, WY42629:123
    Kurt PatikBuffalo, WY42735:50
    Jeff RickettBuffalo, WY44632:20
    Andrew GrabowskiBuffalo, WY44727:392
    Todd BessingerKailua, HI42823:561
    Sean SmithTorrington, WY42971:35
    Pat SmithCheyenne, WY43047:52
    Von SteinerOlathe, KS43131:283
    Bill OstheimerBuffalo, WY43237:14
    Dennis ElchlingerSheridan, WY43332:05
    Dan MarquartSaratoga, WY45934:36
    Jim GibbsBuffalo, WY46047:38
    Paul ClarkElk Mountain, WY46327:402
    William BurchMills, WY43430:353
    Dan LubkenGillette, WY43524:312
    Greg DullBuffalo, WY43641:31
    Michael MarkovskyBuffalo, WY43723:591
    John RamseyBuffalo, WY43872:54
    Todd MillhouseBuffalo, WY45269:46
    John PerryGillette, WY46236:16
    65 +
    Paul MillhouseBuffalo, WY439DNP
    Barry SmithKingsport, TN44071:353
    Bob McbrideBuffalo, WY44445:051
    Michael BeresfordN. Andover, MA45145:122

    Klondike Rush 2013 Mens 10K

    NameHometownBib #Total TimePlaceOverall
    12 and Under
    Soren CooleyBuffalo, WY3791:08:071
    Jeremiah TabbBuffalo, WY36143:543
    Taylor WendtlandSheridan, WY38142:0322
    Michah SweeneySheridan, WY38240:3711
    Jeff WilliamsBuffalo, WY36257:213
    Philip TabbBuffalo, WY36343:011
    Caleb CohoonBuffalo, WY36450:462
    Carter HallBuffalo, WY3651:05:20
    Bob McBrideBuffalo, WY36643:051
    Jon KeilBuffalo, WY37847:042
    Mike HansonBuffalo, WY38454:193
    Mike ScarlettBuffalo, WY36849:50
    Rob CodaBuffalo, WY36955:31
    Ryan FieldgroveBuffalo, WY37048:01
    Tom HoltBuffalo, WY37145:212
    Brian DarnellBuffalo, WY37747:163
    Jerry GeerGillette, WY38052:18
    John HinesBuffalo, WY38544:231
    Richard HallBuffalo, WY37258:33
    Dick McDonaldGreybull, WY37342:4613
    Dozier TabbBuffalo, WY37450:402
    Lloyd LuseroRapid City, SD38353:51
    Dave HarnessBuffalo, WY38655:31
    Scott HokansonKaycee, WY3871:01:06
    Bob VergnaniGillette, WY38851:093
    Larry CrossGillette, WY38952:25
    65 +
    Deane BjerkeBuffalo, WY37545:281
    Robert ZimmerschiedBuffalo, WY3761:02:582
  • Klondike Rush 2012 Results

    Klondike Rush 2012 Mens 5K

    NameBib #Total TimePlaceOverall
    12 and Under
    Stephen Rathbun26435:18
    Callum Bessinger265NT
    Austyn Carder26631:073
    Tim Clason26735:35
    Carder Stratton27928:441
    Brogan Byram28031:27
    Brice Austin28130:432
    Isaac Patik44434:43
    Gavin Patik44534:47
    Andy Wages45331:38
    Bryce Camino457NT
    Ben Camino46431:08
    Eric Rathbun26833:18
    Austin DeBoer26926:14
    Cody Clason27026:15
    Matt Scarlett27118:2811
    Jimmy Blanford28225:45
    Jack Holt44623:25
    Bronson Hernandez45122:48
    Isaac Kiefer45518:2822
    Levi Bircher46922:383
    James Peterson47027:31
    Justin Douma27225:161
    Elliot Reynolds28342:44
    Travis Geis45027:483
    Josh Johnson46827:362
    Darin Gagliano27342:30
    Zach Byram28431:47
    Tim Cahhal28519:0813
    Tyler Baltz28626:223
    Kurt Patik44734:47
    Chris Wages45235:10
    Jay Camino46642:30
    Levi Drake46725:042
    Todd Bessinger27434:213
    Bill Ostheimer44834:27
    Craig Jones449NT
    Michael Markovsky45426:141
    Klint Peterson18333:552
    Frank Pratt27528:383
    Dan Lubken27625:322
    Tom Rathbun27724:171
    Doug Horton287NT
    Kevin Horton288NT
    John Perry28939:55
    Bill Geis29037:56
    Steven Laird45630:28
    Peter John Camino46542:30
    John Manzella18431:07
    65 +
    Tom Ogg278NT
    Paul Millhouse29142:441
    Bill Omohundro29245:232
    Bob McBride18545:232

    Klondike Rush 2012 Womens 5K

    NameBib #TOTAL timePlaceOverall
    12 and Under
    Fiona Bessinger480NT
    Grace Peterson42035:49
    Tessa Denison421NT
    Charis Omohundro42229:241
    Sadie Omohundro42344:49
    Emma Patik45832:433
    Vivianne Ostheimer46034:27
    Georgia Wages29735:00
    Paige Short30430:512
    Sarah Rathbun48144:10
    Candace Carder48231:07
    Krisinda Austin42453:26
    Josie Austin42530:433
    Hannah Jones46338:37
    Kaylee Nygren30024:1913
    Abby Gonzalez30225:122
    Allison Crites48342:30
    Sam Kessler48431:49
    Tasha Kay48529:35
    Sara Litzel48629:26
    Shantel Johnson48829:42
    Kelli Lohse42635:59
    Ashley Millhouse427NT
    Allison Schirmer42853:36
    Jamie Hilton29331:15
    Caila Booth29424:1012
    Tristan Geis295NT
    Marcia Mahoskey30826:552
    Kati Harvey30927:243
    Kelsey Hall31028:43
    Amber Melbrook31333:32
    Gina Goodrich48929:143
    Krista Goebel49034:54
    Carrie Rzasa49136:10
    Amanda Monterastelli49230:02
    Stacy Bronson49340:39
    Lynette Young494NT
    Michelle Dodds49534:38
    Mindy Clason49633:04
    Jessica Nicholas42932:18
    Haley Baltz43037:56
    Jacq Loyning43153:50
    Jessica Misslin45931:25
    Crystal Smith29836:07
    Shelley Gill29932:24
    Lorajane Kessler30133:45
    Jessica Peters30332:00
    Cassidy Camino30531:38
    Jennifer Drake30623:3411
    Amy Vineyard31127:572
    Khristine Escoz49737:28
    Ruth Bessinger49834:213
    Myra Johnson49932:332
    Cara Peterson43235:50
    Kaira Beach43332:001
    Misty Hellman434NT
    Mary Ford435NT
    Crystal Clark43637:25
    Shelia Schirmer43753:46
    Michelle Austin43853:36
    Kelly Jones46238:37
    Jeanne Rathbun50035:50
    Denise Lubken417NT
    Marcie Scarlett41827:392
    Jennie Gordon419NT
    Deb Lohse43935:59
    Nancy Lewellen44025:251
    Jeanette Geis44144:42
    Mary Hepker29644:42
    Bonnie Drake30752:13
    Pat Peck31228:283
    Sally Blanford44232:342
    Elissa Omohundro44331:551

    Klondike Rush 2012 Mens 10K

    NameBib #Total TimePlaceOverall
    12 and Under
    Nathan Kessler22956:301
    William Daggett20851:422
    Alex Perry2181:03:243
    Greg Hachtel2191:18:11
    Sam Hilton23845:161
    Daniel Duncan23251:52
    Bob McBride23744:163
    Chris Newton24540:2411
    Michael Gonda24842:0422
    Mike Hansen25453:51
    Pierre Escoz20949:36
    Mike Scarlett21049:42
    John Hines22043:0213
    Paul Clark22151:22
    Ryan Fieldgrove23048:363
    Tom Holt23146:462
    Brian Darnell24149:05
    Mark Wilson25251:32
    Dave Harness21158:50
    Rich Hall21258:233
    Mark Gordon213NT
    Bob Vergnani24957:042
    Curt Schwamb25045:401
    65 +
    Deane Bjerke22246:171
    Bob Zimmerschied22357:172

    Klondike Rush 2012 Womens 10K

    NameBib #TOTAL timePlaceOverall
    12 and Under
    Joanna Perry2141:18:111
    Faustyna Staebler20052:413
    Tyffani Wince2011:05:25
    Josephine Daggett20251:00
    Olivia Gleser21556:30
    Lauren Perry21649:562
    Nicole Schmidt22444:4911
    Christina Collen22559:59
    Josie Fagerland2261:04:20
    Lisa Coltvet20348:583
    Jennifer Ryerson205NT
    Katie Foster20451:01
    Jennifer Rinn21756:53
    Jen Hicks22752:04
    Barbara Patik22845:0512
    Lindsay Duncan23351:10
    Jessica Palmer23657:36
    Kira Wages2391:04:09
    Amie Simpson24251:29
    Audrey Ludwig24455:29
    Becky Newton24646:3023
    Jill Cooley2471:04:08
    Tara Hall25350:52
    Amy de la Lama25554:02
    Tara Murphree25653:50
    Kate Harness20658:50
    Tracey Ostheimer23449:161
    Lisa Wagner2351:02:023
    Judi Holmes24056:382
    Diane Boice2071:03:343
    Kim Harvey24358:492
    Linda Schwamb25752:261
  • Klondike Rush 2011 Results

    Klondike Rush 2011 Women 5K

    WOMEN 5KTIMEPlaceOverall
    12 & under (Women's 5k)
    Riley Fowler32:501
    Charis Omohundro38:442
    Page Short43:533
    13-19 (Women's 5k)
    Shaley Thiele22:1611st overall womens 5k
    Laura Kelly26:512
    Jessica Thiele27:043
    20-29 (Women's 5k)
    Laura Simpson28:351
    Tracie Kirven30:592
    Amber Meulebroeck33:163
    30-39 (Women's 5k)
    Jennifer Drake22:5512nd overall womens 5k
    Jen Hicks25:0723rd overall womens 5k
    Rebecca Byram26:073
    40-49 (Women's 5k)
    Myra Johnson31:061
    Kelli Wilson33:102
    Ruth Bessinger44:193
    50-64 (Women's 5k)
    Marcie Scarlett26:221
    Lisa McDonald31:402
    Kim Fehir33:193
    65 & over (Women's 5k)
    Lissa Omohundro32:221
    Frances Searcey42:082
    Mary Mcbride47:113

    Klondike Rush 2011 Women 10K

    WOMEN 10KTIMEPlaceOverall
    13-19 (Women's 10k)
    McKenzie Edstrom59:211
    20-29 (Women's 10k)
    Nicole Schmidt47:5211st place overall womens 10k
    30-39 (Women's10k)
    Kari Kinder-Hanson48:0312nd place overall womens 10k
    Lindsay Duncan51:5523rd place overall womens 10k
    Audrey Ludwig55:133
    40-49 (Women's 10k)
    Ellen Creagar56:061
    Tracey Ostheimer56:072
    Michelle Roerig1:07:543
    50-64 (Women's 10k)
    Karen Olson56:521
    Pat Peck1:00:072
    Kim Harvey1:00:083

    Klondike Rush 2011 Men 5k

    MEN 5KTIMEPlaceOverall
    12 & under (Men's 5k)
    Marc Wodahl25:261
    Nathan Kessler25:362
    Garrett Ashburn30:103
    13-19 (Men's 5k)
    James Guillen-Blanford25:361
    Jace Jensen26:552
    Kyle Jensen28:263
    20-29 (Men's 5k)
    Kyle McDonald20:4212nd overall mens 5k
    Grant Smith21:172
    JD Simpson22:1233rd overall mens 5k
    30-39 (Men's 5k)
    Matt Olson19:3511st overall mens 5k
    Chris Wages21:432
    Chris Jons22:413
    40-49 (Men's 5k)
    Mike Scarlett23:171
    Scott Wodahl26:182
    Wayne Jensen31:573
    50-64 (Men's 5k)
    Dan Lubken24:041
    Arnie Griffith27:092
    Frank Pratt Jr27:253
    65 & over (Men's 5k)
    Paul Millhouse35:231
    Bob McBride42:162
    Bill Omohundro56:143

    Klondike Rush 2011 Men 10K

    MEN 10KTIMEPlaceOverall
    13-19 (Men's 10k)
    Phillip Tabb44:551
    Matt Scarlett51:422
    Jeremiah Tabb51:473
    20-29 (Men's 10k)
    AJ Flatt47:471
    30-39 (Men's 10k)
    RJ Stratton43:5813rd place overall mens 10k
    Bobby McBride44:242
    Brian Darnell56:173
    40-49 (Men's 10k)
    Tim McNicholas43:3912nd place overall mens 10k
    Andrew Hall47:122
    Kyle Phipps47:213
    50-64 (Men's 10k)
    Dick McDonald41:1711st place overall mens 10k
    Dave Harness52:592
    Rich Hall58:593
    65 & over (Men's 10k)
    Bobb Zimmerschied56:441
  • Klondike Rush 2010 Results

    Klondike Rush 2010 Women 5K

    12 & Under
    Alanna Massman25334:33:002
    Makenna Massman25440:56:005
    Sarah Rathbun26849:57:008
    Payton Redden27244:49:007
    Georgia Wages28140:15:004
    Sterling Harness29044:10:006
    Bailey Schupp29330:00:001
    Grace Peterson29137:58:003
    13 - 19
    Kelsey Reece26935:48:004
    Allison Schirmer27452:45:005
    Shaely Thiele27722:17:0022
    Sam Killian28631:39:003
    Della Lyle29722:1111
    20 - 29
    Stacy Walters Gunderson28434:10:0010
    Taylor Ashburn22533:40:008
    Janelle Carroll23029:59:004
    Kimberely Reed27032:51:007
    Jamie Urruty27935:38:0011
    Erin McDonald25927:40:001
    Gina Goodrich23633:58:009
    Kimberely Wagner28332:50:006
    Sasha Gossard23744:46:0012
    Shantel Johnson24729:22:003
    Allison Fey17528:33:002
    Misty Sutton17632:46:005
    30 - 39
    Shannon Brow22929:34:005
    Tami Massman25526:21:002
    Mindy Clason23232:40:0011
    Amanda Monterastelli26330:37:0010
    Natalie Maxwell25644:50:0016
    Nicole Novotny Wonka26426:22:003
    Lorajane Kessler25030:35:009
    Cassidy Camino23132:50:0012
    Hilary Michelena26229:36:006
    Mandy Mader25229:25:004
    Becca Redden27144:41:0015
    Jen Hicks24625:09:0013
    Kira Wages28240:18:0013
    Michelle Grubb28829:48:007
    Tali Fowler29429:59:008
    Marcy McCorkle29948:14:0017
    Jennifer Waugh29642:43:0014
    Jackie Austin28952:42:0018
    40 - 49
    Shiela Johnson24835:48:005
    Sue Engelhardt23444:49:008
    Deb Goodart23857:10:0011
    Gill Heiser24438:30:006
    Kassie Blanford22732:29:003
    Marcie McStay26032:32:004
    Myra Johnson24930:26:002
    Sheila Schirmer27552:45:0010
    Ceetah Grieves28750:16:009
    Charlotte Velasquez29838:46:007
    Elisa Leach29528:14:001
    50 - 59
    Denise Lubken
    Ruth Ann Ashburn22639:46:005
    Jane Urruty28029:17:001
    Jeanne Rathbun26733:03:004
    Joan Gampetro24332:50:003
    Phyllis Puckett26629:20:002
    Marcie Scarlett
    Sally Blanford22833:30:003
    Lissa Omohundro26531:12:001
    Mary Mcbride25749:20:005
    Kim Fehir23533:28:002
    Joyce Tyrrell27833:46:004
    Frances Searcey27639:32:001

    Klondike Rush 2010 Women 10k

    12 & Under
    13 - 19
    McKenzie Edstrom15755:47:001
    20 - 29
    Kenli urruty17151:43:003
    Allison Puckett16652:49:004
    Jennifer Mahoskey16157:45:006
    Barbara Patik16447:27:0011
    Maria Mahoskey16257:11:005
    Heather McCullough17851:27:0023
    30 - 39
    Laura Lunt16054:54:003
    Cami Stowe17051:29:002
    Carrie Rzasa1681:09:188
    Haley Camino1551:03:176
    Lindsey Duncan15655:17:004
    Sandy Moon16347:36:001
    Jennifer Rinn1731:02:545
    Brandie Beasley1741:09:137
    40 - 49
    Michele Roerig1671:07:582
    Kate Harness1811:10:514
    Mary Campagna1721:08:313
    Ceetah Grieves28750:16:0012
    50 - 59
    Dawn Gentzler1591:01:394
    Nancy Foglia15852:59:001
    Pat Peck16558:23:003
    Marcie Scarlett16956:35:002
    65 & Over

    Klondike Rush 2010 Men 5k

    12 & Under
    Nathan Kessler6726:14:001
    Stephen Rathbun7736:19:006
    Ethan Rickett7935:05:005
    Cohen Gossard6244:36:0010
    Andy Wages8236:19:006
    Kellen Schupp9129:54:004
    Jake Grieves8436:34:008
    Oliver Grieves8539:31:009
    Lucca Grieves8650:16:0011
    Jacob Velasquez9529:45:003
    Jack Leach8928:11:002
    13 - 19
    Eric Rathbun7625:22:001
    Jimmie Blanford329:59:002
    20 - 29
    Mark Urruty8124:06:003
    Eric McDonald7323:5323
    Justin Douma825:06:005
    Jeff Amell9227:11:006
    J.D. Simpson9824:19:004
    Byrm Geis37023:4212
    30 - 39
    Chris Wages8336:23:006
    Ben Schiffer26:22:001
    Rob McCorkle9645:25:009
    Lawrence Fisher934:10:004
    Brad Massman7028:21:002
    Kip Redden7844:40:008
    Jeff Rickett8035:05:005
    Derek Schupp9029:57:003
    Joe Laird9336:27:007
    40 - 49
    Michael Markovsky6923:3211
    Kevin Horton6529:48:003
    Dan Barent232:59:004
    Tom Holt9925:41:002
    50 - 59
    Dave Goodart6157:10:004
    Dan Lubken6824:23:001
    Doug Horton6429:48:003
    Bill Dooley724:47:002
    Frank Pratt7527:15:001
    Bill Omohundro7444:19:004
    Bob McBride7244:20:005
    Melvin Maxted7134:22:002
    Steve Laird9437:07:003
    Bob Inkster6644:21:006
    Paul Millhouse9746:50:00131st year Running
    Mike Beresford3661:34:342

    Klondike Rush 2010 Men 10K

    12 & Under
    13 - 19
    Joseph Kelly34242:16:0012
    Matthew Scarlett34950:25:003
    Ryan Kirven34454:34:004
    Tyler Gibbs35747:37:002
    Jace jensen35858:36:005
    20 - 29
    Adam Flatt33747:10:002
    Stephen Foglia33850:23:004
    Kyle McDonald34742:28:0013
    Mitch Johnson34149:18:003
    30 - 39
    Eric Wodahl35160:59:005
    Aaron Kessler34345:54:001
    Mark Lane34546:04:002
    Adam Zeuske35357:40:004
    Lee Gunderson36456:57:003
    40 - 49
    Todd Gentzler33943:45:001
    Mike Scarlett35051:30:004
    Scott Wodahl35256:17:007
    Jeff Edstrom33555:47:006
    Mark Wilson36949:14:003
    Tom Grieves35648:30:002
    Gery Geis36755:06:005
    50 -59
    Dick McDonald34640:39:0011
    Rich Hall34057:45:006
    Tom Rathbun34850:04:002
    Robert Palmer35553:56:005
    Dave Harness35951:32:003
    Bob Vergnani36853:27:004
    Deane Bjerke33443:48:001
    Bob Zimmerschied35456:34:002
    70 +
    John Grieves1:10:511
    Mike Beresford1:34:002
  • Klondike Rush 1994 Results

    Klondike Rush 1994 Womens 5K

    NameHometownTOTAL TimePlaceOverallCategory
    Katie HostetlerBuffalo0:23:4623Female 13-20
    Lindsay BerryBuffalo0:27:181Female 13-20
    Shannon McGuireSheridan0:21:2912Female 13-20
    Shay RomineBuffalo0:26:353Female 13-20
    Becky MuellerBuffalo0:32:462Female 21-29
    Darlene HannGillette0:21:1021Female 21-29
    Jennifer BernhardtPark City, MT0:26:143Female 21-29
    Michelle PorkorneySioux Falls, SD0:31:411Female 21-29
    Deb PercifieldGillette0:53:28Female 30-39
    Gina GonzalezBuffalo0:44:27Female 30-39
    Joyce GammonBuffalo0:27:302Female 30-39
    Myra CaminoBuffalo0:37:07Female 30-39
    Terry GibbsBuffalo0:37:07Female 30-39
    Joanne RobinsonCasper0:32:54Female 40-49
    Linda Smith0:43:19Female 40-49
    Marcie TreumanBillings, MT0:23:521Female 40-49
    Sheryl KremerGillette0:28:422Female 40-49
    Susie BerryBuffalo0:30:163Female 40-49
    Terrie WillBuffalo0:43:26Female 40-49
    Verna LawrenceBuffalo0:44:27Female 40-49
    Shirley RollinsRozet0:53:351Female 50 and Over

    Klondike Rush 1994 Mens 5K

    NameHometownTOTAL TimePlaceOverallCategory
    Wayne Not AfraidCrow Agency, MT0:31:471Male 12 and Under
    Adam NybackSheridan0:20:253Men 13-19
    Aidan RedsteerStory0:18:5222Men 13-19
    Ben BelcherBuffalo0:24:10Men 13-19
    Stephen Not AfraidCrow Agency, MT0:18:0411Men 13-19
    Quint GladsonBanner0:26:141Men 20-29
    Craig HeppHavre, MT0:23:432Men 30-39
    John TrohkimoinenCasper0:46:103Men 30-39
    Roger SandersSheridan0:23:311Men 30-39
    Bill DooleyBuffalo0:20:1813Men 40-49
    Bill PorterSheridan0:46:133Men 40-49
    Jim RobinsonCasper0:21:502Men 40-49
    Don JacobsonCasper0:22:051Men 50 and Over
    George GehrmanSheridan0:23:042Men 50 and Over
    Stevan SchusanPlacitas, NM0:28:033Men 50 and Over

    Klondike Rush 1994 Womens 10K

    NameHometownTOTAL TimePlaceOverallCategory
    Aubrey BlackBuffalo1:00:591Female 12 And Under
    Chris ColeyBillings, MT0:46:462Female 21-29
    Deb ForrySheridan0:47:463Female 21-29
    Kim AhrensSandy, UT0:44:2812Female 21-29
    Lisa TolbertWaukesha, WI0:48:32Female 21-29
    Carol DoughtySheridan0:56:033Female 30-39
    Carol KekickSheridan0:46:212Female 30-39
    Linda HartwigsenGillette0:39:4811Female 30-39
    Arnie DavisGillette1:29:30Female 40-49
    Ileta ColeyBillings, MT1:01:523Female 40-49
    Nancy FogliaBuffalo0:51:262Female 40-49
    Stacy PageSheridan0:44:4313Female 40-49
    Diane MillerBuffalo1:07:051Female 50 and Over

    Klondike Rush 1994 Mens 10K

    NameHometownTOTAL TimePlaceOverallCategory
    Casey FarrisBuffalo0:55:581Male 12 And Under
    Jake LaMannaGreeley, CO1:04:472Male 12 And Under
    Chad TolbertWaukesha, WI0:36:482Men 13-19
    Kip ReddenGreeley, CO0:28:5831Men 13-19
    Matt OlsenBuffalo0:35:4013Men 13-19
    Gerry FinkBillings, MT0:49:302Men 20-29
    Jack EcclesSheridan0:40:061Men 20-29
    Bill BurchMills0:39:523Men 30-39
    Dick McDonaldCasper0:38:332Men 30-39
    Don KollekkowskiSheridan0:41:58Men 30-39
    Ed JordanSheridan0:43:19Men 30-39
    Mark GordonBuffalo0:57:29Men 30-39
    Mike JewisonJanesville, MN0:51:27Men 30-39
    Scott MortimerCasper0:34:3412Men 30-39
    Tim SandmanGillette0:45:22Men 30-39
    Bill JoyBuffalo0:39:582Men 40-49
    Bill NovotnyBuffalo0:53:02Men 40-49
    Bob ZimmerschiedBuffalo0:48:14Men 40-49
    Dave HarnessBuffalo0:44:22Men 40-49
    David RomtvedtBuffalo0:49:48Men 40-49
    David SprungBuffalo0:53:02Men 40-49
    Dean BjerkeBuffalo0:35:581Men 40-49
    Jay EyreGillette0:42:443Men 40-49
    Jim LaMannaGillette1:04:48Men 40-49
    Melvin MaxtedSheridan0:49:15Men 40-49
    Roger PetersonCanon City, CO0:43:32Men 40-49
    Bill DoughtySheridan0:56:03Men 50 and Over
    Bob MillerBuffalo0:46:502Men 50 and Over
    Gary ColeyBillings, MT0:53:42Men 50 and Over
    Jim RaderPleasanton, CA0:47:553Men 50 and Over
    Paul MillhouseBuffalo0:49:25Men 50 and Over
    Phil ColumboPortland, OR1:19:17Men 50 and Over
    Tom GoddardGillette0:40:381Men 50 and Over
  • Klondike Rush 1993 Results

    Klondike Rush 1993 5K

    NameHometownTOTAL TimePlaceOverall
    Akku AcharyaColumbus, OH0:28:262
    Arlene PaulsonBuffalo0:44:583
    Bill DooleyBuffalo0:22:281
    Bill PorterSheridan0:41:576
    Bill SchwanKaycee0:24:022
    Bruce HeppEmporia, KS0:37:545
    Chris PoniatowskiGlenrock0:35:234
    Connie JohnsonBuffalo0:44:583
    Craig HeppGreat Falls, MT0:23:353
    Dan LubkenGillette0:22:342
    Darin PrettyonyopGarryowen, MT0:35:281
    Dwayne AndersonMeeteetse0:21:3122
    Frank BarellaCasper0:32:022
    Garrett SchicheBuffalo0:23:581
    George GehrmanSheridan0:24:491
    Jan ZimmerschiedBuffalo0:46:384
    Jerome CullisonGarryowen, MT0:23:374
    Jill RogersBlack Foot, ID0:44:263
    Jim RobinsonCasper0:24:124
    Joanne RobinsonCasper0:34:494
    John TrohkimoinenCasper0:41:566
    Kathy TaggartBillings, MT0:32:323
    Kelli RamsbottomBuffalo0:30:271
    Kim NormanBuffalo0:46:384
    Linda AcharyaColumbus, OH0:28:283
    Lindsay BerryBuffalo0:28:592
    Marcie TreumanBillings, MT0:25:161
    Mary HeinzenSheridan0:39:242
    Michael BarellaBakersfield, CA0:22:193
    Ned AverySheridan0:27:065
    Shannon McGuireSheridan0:22:0813
    Spencer HeppBoulder, CO0:21:1211
    Steve LairdLakewood, CO0:24:083
    Steve McConnellSheridan0:34:293
    Steve WagemanGillette0:37:444
    Susie BerryBuffalo0:30:392
    Tom HarmonGillette0:34:593
    Trish CurleyBuffalo0:31:042
  • Klondike Rush 1992 Results

    Klondike Rush 1992 5K

    NameHometownTOTAL TimePlaceOverall
    Aaron TrembathSheridan0:52:314
    Ann BallingerBuffalo0:57:086
    Becky BallewColstrip, MT0:23:551
    Ben BallewColstrip, MT0:19:371
    Bill HillSheridan0:50:395
    Bill PorterSheridan0:39:417
    Bill SchwanBuffalo0:22:363
    Bob HancockSalt Lake City, UT0:23:574
    Bruce HeppBuffalo0:27:535
    Bryant MullaneySheridan0:33:452
    Carol EmbreyBuffalo0:42:364
    Carol HillSheridan0:36:567
    Conan MullaneySheridan0:29:384
    Connie DoughertyCasper0:42:409
    Dan LubkenGillette0:21:124
    David LindseyBuffalo0:29:436
    Duane ColeColstrip, MT0:19:513
    Flora HighhawkCrow Agency, MT0:20:481
    Garrett SchicheBuffalo0:25:071
    Jason LubkenGillette0:20:202
    Jerry PauliThermopolis0:18:2722
    Jill RogersBlackfoot, ID0:40:412
    Jim RobinsonCasper0:21:132
    Joe LairdBuffalo0:23:023
    John TrohkimoinenCasper0:39:427
    Joyce GammonBuffalo0:27:393
    Karie HillChicago, IL0:37:078
    Kelly ColeColstrip, MT0:24:111
    Leta VossBuffalo0:42:368
    Lindsay BerryBuffalo0:26:395
    Lynn SmithBuffalo0:57:087
    Maggie PetersonStory0:53:215
    Megan WashutBuffalo0:26:114
    Mike LandervilleBuffalo0:27:014
    Mindy BunningFlagstaff, AZ0:31:011
    Mindy HartmanBuffalo0:38:547
    Miriam StewartSheridan0:24:202
    Misti TrembathSheridan0:36:336
    Peggy SandersBuffalo0:41:433
    Ray BallewColstrip, MT0:18:1911
    Rusty BauerBountiful, UT0:20:511
    Sandy HartskyCasper0:28:284
    Shane ColeColstrip, MT0:18:3413
    Shannon McGuireSheridan0:21:102
    Spencer HeppBoulder, CO0:20:412
    Spencer SandersBuffalo0:34:013
    Stacey CochranSheridan0:23:093
    Stece McConnellSheridan0:35:316
    Steve LairdBuffalo0:23:025
    Sue CulhanGresham, OR0:31:016
    Susie BerryBuffalo0:28:502
    Vickie BauerBountiful, UT0:30:015
    Willy FrankBuffalo0:24:173

    Klondike Rush 1992 10K

    NameHometownTOTAL TimePlaceOverall
    Aubrey BlackBuffalo0:52:112
    Beth WurtsbaughElkhorn, WI1:00:497
    Bill DooleyBuffalo0:44:355
    Bill DoughtySheridan0:56:383
    Bill DunbarBealah0:46:056
    Bill HillSheridan0:51:0712
    Bill JoyBuffalo0:39:433
    Bill NovotnyBuffalo0:51:5814
    Bob McBrideBuffalo0:52:5715
    Bob ZimmerschiedBuffalo0:46:287
    Brad LessmanUpton0:52:061
    Brent MoncurLovell0:40:592
    Carol DoughtySheridan0:56:385
    Corey HillSheridan0:49:263
    Darwin LessmanUpton0:40:384
    Dave HarnessBuffalo0:42:173
    David MartinLaramie0:37:422
    David SprungBuffalo0:49:539
    Deane BjerkeBuffalo0:34:3812
    Dick BunningU.K.0:51:4613
    Dick MacDonaldCasper0:39:072
    Gerald KubiakGillette0:39:133
    Hugh PalmerSundance0:43:414
    Jan JohnsonBuffalo0:57:146
    John McBrideCheyenne0:50:4511
    John PerryBuffalo0:54:368
    Karen TrebelcockDenver, CO0:49:033
    Kathy FrankBuffalo0:49:474
    Ken JohnsonSt. Cloud, MN0:58:524
    Kevin DoughertyCasper0:38:251
    Lance ColeColstrip, MT0:36:3913
    Leslie KuzaraSheridan0:51:392
    Marcie DeBockBuffalo0:46:292
    Mary LangGillette0:47:101
    Matt HartskyCasper0:41:004
    Paul MillhouseBuffalo0:46:321
    Riach HamiltonSheridan0:46:512
    Robert MorganHot Spring, SD0:46:217
    Ron BunnellGillette0:49:408
    Sally WillisSheridan1:00:121
    Scott McBrideBuffalo0:50:4510
    Stacey PageSh0:43:341
    Steve CarrollSh0:41:525
    Steve HartskyCasper0:53:1416
    Tom NanceSh0:43:026
    Wayne StrohmanCasper0:32:2711
    Zeke PaxtonGillette0:39:082